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Bruce LaDuke: AI, Crypto, & Nanotech Planned Long Ago as Control Grid System


Bruce LaDuke discusses Artificial Innovation, Artificial Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, and how The Powers That Be are interested in harnessing AI for a control grid rather than to empower humanity. A lot of these things such as AI, nanotechnology, and even cryptocurrencies were already preplanned and worked out in the 1980s. They are likely to tokenize everything for a digital matrix and digital prison, which is forming very quickly. There is also potential for hyper-technology and the most astounding era we've seen. There's a large faction of the elite or techno-aristocracy pushing neo-feudalism and transhumanism. A replacement economy is necessary because of all this new technology. He agrees AGI will not be possible, it would have to have a spiritual component to it. However, we are moving toward quantum technology which is spiritual. AI is like brute force thinking and its capabilities are exaggerated, but we are on the cusp of Artificial Reasoning, where the machine can actually think and reason. We are leaning toward the Social Credit System type model.

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About Bruce LaDuke

Bruce LaDuke lives with his family on a small farm in southern Indiana.

In 1986, after several years of deep interdisciplinary study on human creativity, Bruce invented Artificial Innovation (AIN). He initially held delivery of this until he could better understand the social impact.

Around 2010, when he attempted to deliver AIN, he was met with fierce opposition from the AI establishment, who he perceived at that time was mainly interested in building an 'AI control grid.'

At great personal cost, Bruce decided to start his entire career over and began work as a contract clerk so he could study AIN in business in real time. He eventually worked his way into a major pharmaceutical company in Indianapolis, IN, and after 20 years there, he moved to a major insrance company in Louisville, KY where he is currently serving as an Associate Director.

During these years of regular employment, he studied AIN from a business context. Eventually, he came to understand that he had developed a framework for how Artificial Reasoning (ARE) and Artificial Innovation (AIN) combine to form Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). He also designed a business system to support full company automation and the application of ASI in business.

During his years of employment he simultaneously volunteered in community and economic development. Bruce used these volunteer experiences to develop a social system and replacement economy for ASI.

He is currently volunteering to establish Borden ASI Institute in southern Indiana to pilot this social system and replacement economy.

He strongly believes that the AI community at large has been incredibly irresponsible in there approach, largely ignoring societal impacts to focus on personal profit and control. ASI is not just another technology, it is a global paradigm shift.

*Podcast intro music is from the song "The Queens Jig" by "Musicke & Mirth" from their album "Music for Two Lyra Viols": (available on iTunes or Amazon)